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Rigged eels are used to attract big game fish, primarily striped bass throughout the Northeast. Add internal weights as an option to hug the bottom and penetrate the lower water columns where big bass ambush prey.

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Created during the 1950’s, a sure-fire method for catching trophy Striped Bass was the rigged eel, however they required long “smelly” preparation time before being loaded into a surf bag….

Cow Harbor Bait & Tackle created a solution; we save fishermen time, expense and “bad odors” at home by handcrafting high quality rigged eels & eel skin plugs in our shop located on Long Island NY.  All eel products are vacuum sealed for long term “odorless” storage in your freezer & shipped anywhere in the USA.

The process begins by selecting the best live eels for freshness and proper size from our tanks, each batch is then frozen to kill bacteria naturally followed by our “secret” brine method to ensure tough/flexible eels for rigging. That’s just the beginning….

Cow Harbor “Rattlin” Rigged eels weigh an average of 3+ ounces, range 16″ to 19″, have a brass nut epoxied to the front hook to prevent slippage when casting, two VMC 8/0 Siwash hooks, 50 lb. Dacron “doubled” main line & waxed rigging floss to secure the mouth and hook positions to ensure perfect swimming action.

Our rigged eels can be cast all night long and then refrozen for another fishing adventure.

Special orders for eel skin plugs can also be filled, but should be pre-ordered. Early Spring is the best time for large eel skin orders as we harvest larger ones at that time. We can rig your own plugs or sell plugs & rig them, we do it all…

Cow Harbor supplies rigged eels all year long so feel free to order online or call the shop with any questions or special requests. Large club orders should be pre-ordered since we hand make each one and demand can vary depending on the season.

We are the only shop in the USA offering rigged eels for sale to fisherman & we ship anywhere in the USA.

Feel free to call the shop during normal business hours with any questions or requests,

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