Loaded Redfin with Eel Skin


A classic fishing lure used for decades by some of the best fishermen on the Northeast coast just got better.
Our fishing mad scientist, Phil has taken them to the next level by loading each lure to 1.2 ounces, adding rattling action to attract fish and rigging them with a genuine eel skin custom fit to the lure with a tail that naturally swims. 
This Cotton Cordell Red-Fin catches a variety of gamefish, from Striped Bass to Redfish. 
The Red-Fin can be fished in a number of ways:
  • Twitched on top and then paused to allow the eel tail to slightly swim in the current while the lure simply floats. 
  • Swim it erratically with a twitch-twitch-pause retrieve that creates a wide searching wobble.
  • Retrieve it slowly with a straight retrieve on top for vicious top water strike.  This action will create a wide V wake across the surface of the water.
  • Pause, keep the rod tip close to the water and gently sweep to make the lure dive two feet, then pause and collect the line as the lure gently rises back to the surface.


This is the classic 7 inch lipped swimming lure, loaded with lead shot & custom fit with a genuine eels skin for realistic scent and action. Dives to 2 feet & floats to surface when retrieve is paused.


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