Fishing Reports

Cow Harbor Fishing Report 5/2/17

Spring is here and the bass are too. Folks have been picking a few small fish here and there in the back bays for a couple weeks now with varying weather, but it seems the string of nice weather we’ve had this past week has stimulated the younger bass. The majority of fish being caught are daytime caught schoolies preferring light tackle such as small bucktails, lead heads, rubbers and SP minnows. The bait guys have had it even better for the most part, with fish up to 30″ being caught by some boaters, kayakers, and guys throwing worms and chunks from the beach. Guys on boats chunking and trolling have also had luck with bass anywhere from 20″-30.” The day time fishing has been more consistent, and is probably due to the fact that it’s been so warm out. I’m no scientist, but I believe the bass metabolism has a lot to do with how much heat they’re getting, and in the cold spring water that’s not always easy. It’s a good idea to head out after at least 2-3 days of 80 degree weather with clear skies on an incoming tide. But hey you never know, you have to get out and find out. Feel free to call the shop with any questions. -Phil

Shop News:

The shop will be hosting a FREE casting demo presented by ODM Rods at Crab Meadow Beach Sunday May 7th 10AM-2PM free beverages and hot dogs. We will be bringing NEX1 blanks custom made by Mark here at the shop as well as 2-piece Genesis rods.