Fishing Plug Upgrades & Service

Affordable services we provide are listed below.

Questions and ideas are always welcome; Phil or Mark can always rig or fine tune your own lures before taking them out to fish…

Services Provided:

  • Old hooks removed & replaced on any lure
  • New lure hooks & split rings replaced with 2x strong hooks
  • We hand tie tail hooks to match lure colors
  • We had tie teasers & leaders for specific lures combinations
  • Plastic lures loaded to any weight with lead shot
  • Plastic lures loaded to any weight with oil
  • Eel skin collars melted into ¬†plastic lures
  • Eel skin collars cut & sealed into wooden lures
  • Plastic lips melted and adjusted on lures for specific swim actions
  • Wooden plugs are restored, airbrushed & epoxied
  • Custom air brushing for discontinued colors
  • Eyes ¬†added to lures
  • Hooks sharpened
  • Split rings matched and replaced or added with hooks


Requests & new ideas welcome