Central North Shore Report 4/22/17

Happy Spring people, this is Phil from Cow Harbor filling you in on the local surf report. I’ve been out 4 times since Easter, each time I have either seen adult bunker or medium sized spearing inside the bays and outer beaches. Water temps have remained a bit chilly but I have focused on going out after a 70-80 degree days and consistently found life. I’ve had one 10lb fish so far, with other locals telling me the only fish they have seen are inconsistent schoolies. Another person told me they were feeding on sandeels in a backbay setting where he had quite a few in one night. This time of year, I would focus on targeting shallow water areas with minimal current flow after a long day of baking in the sun. This time of year warm water is hard to come by, and you can bet there will be small fish around after an 80 degree day.

Last year the primary bait of choice was bunker, and a lot of it. The same thing is happening this year, but much earlier. The north wind we had last night really dirtied up the water in my area, as I would imagine it did in other north shore open beaches, so we’ll have to see if that dissipated any schools of bait or drove them into the back bays. I’m curious to see if we’ll encounter any sand eels this season and I’ve definitely got my fingers crossed. Sandeels + May-June + North Shore = consistent, aggressively feeding fish holding close to shore. The boat guys can get in on the fun too; small balls of sandeels can be mimicked easily when trolling wire with umbrella rigs. The only question is what water temps will allow schools of migrating bass to stick around in.

The bulk of the migration is to the west of my area, so I’m going to say 2-3 weeks should begin solid fishing in my neck of the woods. We’ll keep you up to date as much as possible without sounding redundant.


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