Bait Menu

Fresh Bunker
(Cast netted by local bay men each day to ensure freshness)

Vacuum Sealed Frozen Bunker
(Cast netted, vacuum sealed & flash frozen within hours of the catch)

Large “Local” Spearing
(8 oz. 1lb. & 2.5 lb. Packs)

Live Killies for Fluke
(An old school secret for catching “Doormats”)

Live Eels for Striped Bass
(Casting from the beach or drifting for Trophy Bass)

Frozen Vacuum sealed Herring

Rigged Eels for Trophy Bass
(Hand made with VMC hooks & 80lb Dacron, shipped overnight anywhere)

Eel Skins
(For use on all types of fishing plugs, metal lip swimmers & needlefish)

Live Sandworms & Bloodworms
(Large Bass / Jumbo everyday)

Live Night Crawlers
(a favorite of all fresh water fish)

Live Giant Mealy Worms
(Trout can’t resist this small bait)

Asian, Green & Hermit Crabs
(Available daily during fall season)

Fresh Bank Mussels

Fresh Salted Clams
(Ocean Skimmers in Pint, Quart, 1gal & 2 gal tubs)

Frozen Whole Squid
(5″-7″ tubes uncleaned for natural scent)

Frozen Giant Trolling Squid
(7″-9″ Tubes uncleaned for natural scent)

Frozen Thin Tapered Squid Strips
(We cut the tubes to make long, thin tapered  strips)

Ground Clam & Bunker Chum

Special Orders on Shark Chum & Flats of Bait available

“We supply the right bait for local fish in season”